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Founded in 2007

Vans School of Blacksmithing (formerly Vans Blacksmithing) was founded by Josh Van Noy Master Blacksmith , as a general service blacksmith shop in eastern Ontario that was reimagined in 2015 as a school for trades education. While always striving to keep the heritage aspect of the trade alive, the school focuses on bringing in beginners and gearing all of its courses to create an inclusive environment regardless of skill. The school started in its heritage shop in Hammond with 1 forge and quickly grew to 6+. In 2021 the school has now taken on a 2nd location in Ottawa to create more opportunities for learning and accessibility.

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1855 Hwy 34 Hawkesbury

This massive industrial heritage shop boosts centuries old tooling, coal fire forges and a heritage approach to blacksmithing. This shop is manned by Spencer Farrell as the lead instructor. A gifted smith with a passion for all things edged, Spencer has work diligently to accel in his life long carreer and pass on his passion for smithing to others.


26 Ceasar Ave. Ottawa

This shop  is blacksmithing in the 21st Century while still having the flavor of heritage. With a propane forge and elctro-induction forge, blacksmithing is brought into the 21st century. Our lead Instructor, Isaac Stogryn, is an accomplished blacksmith and historical interpreter.  He  expertly guides students through programming  with ease and fervor unmatched.

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