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Our Guarantee

This is our promise to deliver a completely hand forge product using the greatest skill we can muster. We promise that your items will be hand crafted to produce a unique piece every time and though similar, we promise that each item will contain its own aesthetic flaws, little quirks and slight peculiarities that add to its own beauty.

We also promise that you items will work wonderfully for their designed use, and will last a long time under normal conditions. There will be no cracks, major deformities, poor welds, bad heat treats and the like that would cause failure within the item.

We realize that you are not looking for a “cookie cutter” item that has been die forged and lacks the personality that comes with hand crafted items. You want fair prices, good quality items and the heritage blacksmiths touch.

If your items fail to function properly, cracks, breaks or otherwise fails to do its job under normal wear and tear. We will replace it or fix it. No charge, No Guff.

Our warranty covers all forged aspects of an item. Due to the nature of work and use the following items are not covered.

                -Wood handle

                -Heat treat loss due to exposure to heat

                -Improper use or poor care

                -Modified items

                -Aesthetic imperfections

                -“I don’t like it”

This warranty is exercised at our discretion as well as interpretations of listed or not listed topics. That being said we value our customers and will strive to do right by you. We want to see you grow as smiths and craftsman and we want to grow with you. So go forth and forge until your heart’s content and know that your items have the “Power Hammer Free Guarantee!”


Josh Van Noy

Vans Blacksmithing

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