Did you know...

Some of the little things that you may not about us.

1) Part of our forge rental program now has a portable forge, anvil and tools that you can rent and bring home to practice. Make sure you return those membership forms after you created your login on our website.

2) Membership is free for a year if you have ever taken a course from us.

3) As we are primarily a education and resource center, we have one of the largest selections of courses that you will find anywhere.

4) We source as much of our products from Canada as possible. This includes our coal, leather products, refurbished anvils, hand tools and more.

5) We now supply blank 1095, 15N20, 80CRV2 and 440-C bar stock for all of the knife makers out there.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us via our website. Thank you again for your continuing support and interest!

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