Limitless Boundaries

Blacksmithing is a trade found the world over. As such, creates bonds that can run deep in a unified profession through teaching, skill and passion. I had the opportunity to help out a fellow smith this last weekend; Masashi Yamamoto.

He was at Mooney's Bay this past Sunday performing demonstrations for Knifewear. Knifewear is a Canadian company that sells exquisite kitchen blades, of which Masashi forges many back in Japan.

He is a man of incredible talent, winning personally and deep honour. I was amazed to discover that he can trace his blacksmithing lineage back 13 generations of fine blade forging.

Even though I could not speak Japanese and he spoke little English we had a great exchange of ideas and teachings. A great experience that I will never forget and did I mention it spurred an idea for a new Course...

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