A new Partnership with Xpeeria

"We all want more life experiences. Only problem is where do we find them? How do we access them if you don't know a guy? No worries, we know a guy! We made it our mission to find the most interesting people with the coolest hobbies and team up with them to and create new experiences to share with you." - Welcome to Xpeeria!

This is by far one of the greatest apps I have found. I have had many experiences from the military to extreme sports instructor, rescue tech and of course a long standing career as a blacksmith. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Joelle, the CEO and Founder of Xpeeria, and I new this was something I wanted to be a part of!

Vans Blacksmithing is offering an exclusive knife making course only accessible through Xpeeria. In this course you will make a full tang, 6" tanto style knife with a pewter handle. Get the experience of forging from bar stock, shaping, profiling , grinding, polishing, tempering and casting a pewter handle onto your knife!

If your looking for amazing experiences

in Ottawa then Go Xpeeria! Find us and more at


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