Soft Face Heritage Blacksmithing Hammers
  • Soft Face Heritage Blacksmithing Hammers

    Choose from our stock signiture 2.5lbs flat/round face soft forging hammers. They come with a standard grip hardwood handle. All hammer heads come with lifetime gaurantee against manufacturing defects. 

    • Care and Maintenace

      A Heritage Blacksmith Hammer is used for striking hot steal only. Its soft body and face reduce vibration impact on the body, transfer energy into the hot steal more efficiently and minimize hazards and damage to your tools if a miss strike results in hitting your anvil.


      Traditionally, blacksmiths have always used soft hammers.


      To ensure a long life from your hammer make sure that you only strike hot steel with it. Use a harden hammer for striking punches, chisels or any other cold metal.


      Your hammer will naturally take on small markings over time; simply use a file to lightly re-dress the profile. Small applications of mineral oil once in a while will preserve the handle, especially in dryer climates.


      Your hammer head is warranted against manufacturer’s defects under normal wear and tear. Contact us for more information.