Blacksmithing Tongs
  • Blacksmithing Tongs

    We provide a variety of stock tongs. Choose from our selection of jaw types and our new tong and punch set.


    • Care and Maintenace

      A Blacksmiths tongs are used for gripping hot steal only. Each set of tongs are designed to hold specific stock sizes and geometry. Traditionally, blacksmiths have always made a variety of tongs for their work and it is important recognize that each tong is designed with purpose. Tong stock size, bosses and jaw size are determinant factors for the types of work your tongs can handle.


      To ensure a long life from your tongs make sure that you only use them for work with hot steel. Insert and remove the steel form the forge, avoiding leaving the tongs exposed to the heat of the forge as this will greatly impact the strength of the material and life of your tongs. Cool down your tongs periodically when working with them for long periods of time. Never pry, twist or drastically modify your tongs.


      Blacksmith tongs will naturally loosen around the boss and rivet over time. Tighten them up with light reinforcement of the rivet use a ball peen hammer.  Over time your rivet may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.


      Your tongs are warranted against manufacturer’s defects under normal wear and tear. However, this does not include replacement of rivets that wear out over time. Any drastic modifications of your tongs will void the warranties. Contact us for more information.

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