• Blacksmith Steel Coat

    SKU: VN0016

    This is a traditional blackening solution handed down from master to student for the last 4 generations. Coat your forged items in a protectant that colors, pentrates and protects the steel like no other. Apply this solution to your steel while it is hot an let it do its work as it cools. These 60g bars coat approx. 50 pairs of tongs. 

    • How to Use

      Prepare the metal for application of this mixture by removing all of the forge scale with a wire brush. Bring the steel to a black heat (400 - 500 degrees). Apply your wax mixture onto the steel directly from the block. The wax will melt and run leaving an even coat over the metal. Wait 3-5 mins and wipe any excess off with a cloth before the steel has completely cooled. Allow to cool completely. This recipe is based off of a 150 year old blacksmithing finish recipe.


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