We are very pleased to introduce you to our membership program. This membership programs goal is to foster continued learning and education in the blacksmithing trade. Our membership provides exclusive access to our forge rental program were you can practice your forging and work on projects as well as deals on courses to continue your education. 

Why a membership? 


Forge Rental program - 

Option 1 - Our Onsite Forge Rental Service lets members rent 4 hour blocks of forging time on 1 of our coal fire forges. This is an excellent way to practice your skills if you don’t have your own forge, if you need a bigger forge for a special job, or if you want to try a coal fire forge. Rental comes with the 4hrs of forge shop time ($120.00), 20lbs of coal, all heritage shop tool use, and safety apparel. You can bring your own steel or purchase steel on site.  


Option 2 - Our Portable Forge Rental Service lets members take home our portable coal forge, anvil, hammer and 3 pairs of tongs, and 20lbs of coal.  One day rental is 150.00, 2 day rental is 250.00. Members are responsible for transportation.   Course Deals - As a member you will receive 10% discount on any course, simply enter your member number and add a “C” at the end in the course booking checkout. 

Members Only Draws - Every 2nd month we will draw members names for exclusive give always of swag and even a free course on occasion!     

How to become a member? 


Our process  
(1)  Fill out the Membership Enrolment Form and Pay the 35.00 yearly fees (refunded if you have ever taken a course with us in the same year; send back proof of course registration to refund the first year fee).  
(2) Create your username and login information on the Forge Rental page.  
(3) Wait for approval. This generally takes 24hrs for online approval. You will receive your membership card in the mail in 7-10 business days. 
Now that I am a Member 


How do I rent forge time?


As a new member you need to take the 1.5hr intro course that is conducted onsite. This course gives you a rundown on how to use the forge, shop policies, safety onsite, and other information you will need to safely and properly run the forges. - You can book forge time or rent the portable forge on the members only Forge Rental page where you can review and purchase open slots all online. Make sure to bring your booking ticket/ proof of rental and membership card the day of your booking. **Please note that there is a $300.00 deposit that will be returned at the end of your rental.** 


How do I get my 10% off/refund?


When you purchase from the online store, enter your membership number in the discount code section. When you book a course, enter your member number and add a “C” at the end in the course booking checkout. 


How do I enter the Membership Draw?


You are automatically enter for the draws.  
If you have any questions about our Membership program or anything else on our site please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Welcome to Vans Blacksmithing Exclusive Membership program!  

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